Unclean house leading cause of palpitations.

I have tried several times to not get worked up about a dirty house and have failed several times.  The site if my 3 year olds bedroom floor causes me to suffer palpitations and mild chest pressure. I can literally feel my blood boiling inside me. 

When I just finish cleaning my house and come out to see it destroyed I blow my lid. My eyes bug out of my head, my fists clench, my teeth clench, and I scream. Do you know what it is like to spend hours doing a task only to see someone easily destroy your work. The worse part is I just keep doing it over and over again and I get disappointed over and over again. What is wrong with me!?!?

My husband’s solution it to “not look at it” or my all time favorite “just don’t clean.” What he fails to see is that if I don’t do it now I will have to do more later.  If I could collect an hourly wage for the time I spend cleaning I could have a summer home on the lake. So frustrating!!!!!



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