Celebrating the 4th!!

Times seems to have slipped away from me these past few days.  This is not uncommon when you get to celebrate a 4 day Holiday weekend- you are stuck in vacation mode and can’t remember what day it is.  All you know is that your cooler needs more ice and adult beverages, you have to fill the sippy cup with apple juice, and make sure you have Twizzlers for the boat (a river essential food since I was in grade school!)  The only downfall to spending so much time on the water is trying to entertain a 1 year old in the 90 degree weather when he doesn’t like to get wet and wants to eat sand all day.  It was an absolute lifesaver when my in-laws agreed to take him for the day so we could enjoy the water with our 3 year old.  Now she is a true river rat- she has no fear of the water as long as she is wearing her pink life jacket and her pink arm floaters.  She even went on the tube for the first time and was in heaven.  We took it slow, had her dad ride with her, and only let her ride for 15 minutes but it was like she had won the lottery.  I don’t think I have ever seen her smile so wide!   It is moments like that one that remind me how lucky I am to have such an amazing, loving family.  I love that I get to pass on the same memories and experiences that I enjoyed when I was younger.  I also love that I married a man who likes the river as much as I do.  We truly had the best weekend!



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