All eyes on me…

Let me tell you folks- today was a rough day!  It is hard to be human at work. You aren’t allowed to express emotion or you may be seen as weak. You aren’t allowed to speak up or you are being a bitch. You can’t bring your bad day home because that is not fair to your kids. Tell me then – where is it safe to let go?  Where is my respite? I guess I will just bottle this all up and explode in 2 weeks after I find my husband’s socks wedged in the couch because that is what will set me off. I will lash out at him for this simple indiscretion with the wrath of 2 weeks of pent up emotion. Yep – that sounds about right!! Poor guy- he has no clue!!

Really though- why are we expected to to be perfect at all times? And when we aren’t – we get the judgment eyes – which mostly come from our female coworkers. Unfair. I also make it so I must be perfect at all times. My hair must be just right; my make up-flawless; my outfit- on par with the current trend. Do you know that if no one compliments me on my outfit each day I automatically make a mental note to never wear it again?! Ridiculous but true.  Where did these personal expectations come from and how do I give them back?

Okay so let’s make a deal – we will pay it forward to all other females and working moms. It is okay to let it out. It is okay to be less than perfect. It is not okay to judge one another on our bad days. It is okay to say “I’ve been there too and you’re gonna need a drink”……




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